Strike for Climate Justice – prison dispatch from Jeffrey Free Luers – March 20, 2009

Twenty years ago governments of the world met for the first ever climate talks. The talks, then, focused largely on the growing hole in the world’s ozone
layer (a hole that still exists today) and the need to eliminate CFC emissions
(which also still exist today though in much smaller amounts). The other
climate item on the agenda was global warming. Scientists warned that there was growing evidence that the world was warming, possibly due to human activity much like the root cause of the ozone hole.

Unfortunately, in 1988 it was decided that global warming did not pose a
significant threat to warrant action. The problem could wait to be addressed.

Nearly a decade later, in 1997, the governments of the world met for their
annual climate talks in Kyoto, Japan. The United Nations Intergovernmental
Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), a panel of the world’s leading scientists
from countries around the globe, presented growing evidence that the world
faced a severe threat from climate change. These scientists concluded that the
single largest contributor to climate change were human greenhouse gas
emissions, most notably carbon dioxide (CO2).

For the first time since the inception of the climate talks, world leaders
agreed action was needed to combat climate change. The world took notice with a collective gasp as 180 governments pledged their support to a worldwide climate treaty to reduce CO2 emissions in an effort to conquer global warming.

In 2007, a decade after Kyoto and twenty years since the first climate talks,
the IPCC declared in its strongest language yet that the world faced imminent
global catastrophe unless immediate and drastic action was taken to reduce and then eliminate greenhouse emissions.

In the years following the Kyoto protocol, the United States – the highest
emitter of greenhouse gases per capita in the world – pulled out of the
treaty. CO2 emission around the world continued to rise. Governments that had promised to reduce emissions failed to impose strict limits, instead relying on voluntary cuts from industry. As industries refused to limit their emissions and governments balked at regulation, the Kyoto protocol collapsed.

The U.S. and numerous other countries with high greenhouse emissions have
steadfastly refused to cut CO2 emissions, claiming that doing so would harm
their ability remain economically competitive.

In the face of the largest economic collapse in world history, brought about by the very same green, deceit and malfeasance of the worlds most powerful
multinational and government deregulation that has allowed CO2 emissions to go unchecked. Government and corporate claims that reducing emissions would create economic hard ring hollow.

People around the world put faith in our governments and institutions to act on our behalf and in our best interests. Our governments have had 20 years to act on global warming and climate change. 20 years to act on a threat that the
world’s leading scientists say is the greatest threat to human kind the world
has ever faced.

Climate change is the greatest threat to human kind the world has ever faced.

Not war or nuclear weapons, no a falling GNP or economic collapse, but climate change. And our governments tell us they won’t reduce CO2 emissions because it could – not would, but could – hurt the economy. In reality governments are being pressured by corporate interests that don’t want to reduce emissions or switch to a non-carbon based economy because they would have to invest money to do so – money that would otherwise go into corporate coffers or executive bonuses.

This December, world leaders will again meet for climate talks in Copenhagen,
Denmark. While protests are sure to greet the conference, we must not limit our influence on the climate discussions to protesting them.

Climate change will impact the lives of every human being in the world. The
poorest will be hurt the most. Many are already suffering its effects.
We must send our leaders a message in the strongest of languages. One which
every nation understands. A message that cannot be ignored.

On December 11, we must unite for a day of international solidarity; we must
demand immediate and real action on climate change, not more false promises. We must strike for climate justice.

This is an urgent call to unions, workers and concerned citizens around the
world. Organize in your workplace, in your union halls, on your streets. On
December 11th, we must unite.

Failure of our governments to take immediate action to regulate and reduce CO2 emissions will cost human lives and untold economic loss. It is not companies or governments that will suffer, but ordinary people in every town and city, in every nation.

It is in our hands to demand action. It is in our hands to show our leaders the
true cost of inaction. Workers unite. Demand action. Strike for climate justice
on December 11, 2009.

-Jeffrey Free Luers

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Call to Action!

Welcome to the Strike! for Climate Action campaign website!

Here you can read about why we need an International General Strike on Climate Change on Dec 11th in solidarity with the planned protests (Dec 12th) during the Copenhagen Climate Summit in December 2009, sign up the Strike! for Climate Action solidarity statement and read the latest news on the planned strike and climate change issues.

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In February 2009 environmental activist & political prisoner Jeff ‘Free’ Luers wrote a prison dispatch in which he made a call out for an International General Strike on December 11 2009 in solidarity with the International Demonstrations on Climate Change during the Copenhagen Climate Summit.

Prison Dispatch February 15, 2009

by Jeffrey Free Luers

Massive wildfires consume Australia, fed by prolonged drought. Snow is falling in the desert in Dubai. Bizarre weather patterns across the United States causing floods. The climate is no longer just changing, it has changed. Average global temperatures have risen year after year for over a decade. The international consensus is that human-caused greenhouse gases are responsible for global warming and that we must immediately reduce these gases if we have any hope of stemming the rising temperatures.

Global warming is no longer a future threat waiting on the horizon. Human societies across the globe are already suffering as a result of climate change. The very world as we know it is endangered. Each day, untold species go extinct to never be seen again. Thousands of people go hungry because of crop failure and drought wrought by climate change.Still, day after day we continue to pump greenhouse gases into the air, making the problem worse. As a society we have completely disassociated our actions with their consequences. We have become lemmings leaping from a cliff, our smiles still firmly in place.

The bottom line is that we must change our lives. Not switch to greener fuels or recycle more. These are good steps but in and of themselves are not solutions. There is but one solution. We must stop releasing greenhouse gases into the air. Period.

Sadly, few people comprehend the severity of the danger we are in. If more people grasped the true peril of the situation, coal power plants would be shut down and their CEO’s likely drug out and hung.

Our world’s top scientists, humanity’s smartest people from across the globe are screaming for us to stop emitting greenhouse gases. No one is listening.

In fact, rather than create a paradigm shift, world leaders, including so-called progressive politicians – like Obama – are pushing for “clean” coal and nuclear power.

Hello. Coal can not, in any form, burn clean of carbon. Nuclear power creates radioactive waste that lasts millions of years and can not be stored safely at any location. The people of Hanford, Washington and those across the river in Oregon have had to learn their lesson the hard way as the site continues to leak radioactive waste from the former power plant and nuclear waste storage site.

Other climate change solutions actually being considered include launching mirrors into space, dumping iron into oceans, and spraying sulfites into the sky in order to create unnatural cloud cover. (More ridiculously true and dangerous suggestions may be viewed at “Techno-fixes report” at

All of these ideas are being put forward in an effort by wealthy nations, as well as mega multinational corporations, to avoid the reality (and responsibility) of the situation. We must fundamentally change our lifestyle.

Globalization of markets has failed us. One need only look at global warming and the current economic crash for proof. Poor nations are still poor and exploited, rich nations are still growing richer with more and more wealth being consolidated in the hands of a few.

The world is a frightening place right now. Across the globe, dissent is being crushed under the guise of suppressing terrorism. Here in the states, activists are being rounded up and convicted of terrorism charges for actions that injured no one. People are in prison for running website or giving speeches.

But it isn’t just oppression that is frightening. The arctic is melting, icon species like the polar bear are threatened with extinction, the economy has crashed leaving people across the globe hungry, homeless, and scared.

We need change. We need real solutions and real action and we need it now.

Our society rests on the cusp of catastrophe. We are riding a speeding ship headed straight toward and iceberg (no doubt from some collapsed ice shelf). We have two choices before us: sink with the ship or abandon it.

Global governments have been meeting for climate talks since Toronto in 1988. The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change was created in 1990 to help facilitate these meetings. For twenty years those in power have been aware of climate change, for twenty years they have ducked, dodged and avoided the problem until it became the global threat it is today.

Twenty years of failure is unacceptable. Now these very same national governments are twenty years later still trying to avoid taking responsibility and enforcing the necessary changed to industry.

We need massive action on an international scale never before seen in human history. We have the ability to create such a massive mobilization. In the past we have achieved international days of action that have rocked the world. We must go beyond those past days of international solidarity however. We must reach for something never before achieved. We must shut the system down in its entirety and force our governments and multinationals to listen and change.

We need an international global strike. For one day we must stop all work and labor. We must shut down the factories, the ship yards, shut down transportation. We must bring everything to a grinding halt. And demand immediate action on climate change. Demand an immediate shift from fossil fuels to alternative energies. Demand accountability from wealthy nations and help for poorer ones.

It is an ambitious goal and a necessary one. We have to act ourselves. We have to demand our governments take action. There is no time to leave the process to governments that have already failed the world for twenty years!

In December 2009 world powers will again meet to discuss climate change and global warming in Copenhagen, Denmark. The likely outcome will be yet another unfair toothless agreement to reduce greenhouse emissions, much like Kyoto in which, after much hype, actually led to increased worldwide emissions.

In December we must show the world governments that they are not in power except by the grace of their citizens. We must remind world governments that they exist solely at our discretion and to serve us, not line the pocketbooks of the rich.

In December we must mobilize to shut the system down with a massive worldwide general strike. Global warming is the greatest threat humanity has ever faced. We must address the threat decisively and immediately. We must confront those that would obstruct such actions overwhelmingly.

In December 2009 it is time for more than just international solidarity, more than just pleading for change. It is time for a united front; it’s time to reclaim our power. It is time for a general strike.

-Jeffrey Free Luers

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Jeffrey Luers # 13797671
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